A Story of Betrayal and Deceit

No man is an island, but for years corporate entrepreneur Peter Ferrell's been acting like one. Isolated, successful and wealthy, he has been in complete control of both his life and his life's work, a third generation family business in Houston. He's got a woman, Megan who loves him, and aside from a few thorny personal problems, he has everything he's ever dreamed of-and more. He's sure the business will be his legacy to future generations and his name will live on forever, but when Peter's bank sells his company's loan to a third party investor, Peter finds, to his horror, that his company is suddenly about to be lost in a hostile takeover. Peter has only four white-knuckle days to pay the loan or else he's in danger of losing all that he's worked for! And to make matters worse, he suspects that someone close to him is working with the enemy to thwart his plans and put him into financial ruin. Can he figure out who is betraying him-and why? Can he trust others and find the inner strength and steely self-confidence he needs in order to come out on top? And can he learn that personal and family relationships are sometimes just as important as business ties, and that staying on top of the corporate ladder has a price? An edge-of-your-seat thriller that's as timely as today's economic headlines!

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