Love and Intrigue in the Rocky Mountains

Stefan Stiles lives a quiet life in suburban Denver while his wife Angie travels almost constantly as a highly skilled software consultant. Although he has known Angie for many years, he suddenly discovers that she is only posing as a software consultant when in fact she is a deep undercover spy who inserts sophisticated spyware into the computer systems of foreign governments and multinational corporations. After some investigation, Stefan learns that the company where his wife works is simply a facade for covert Government operations. Soon he discovers that their portrayal of a typical family is an integral part of her elaborate rouse. To uncover his wife’s allegiance, Stefan must return to their hometown of Eagle, Colorado and delve into their separate yet intertwined pasts. Once on the ground in Eagle, Stefan discovers to his dismay that the woman he believes is his wife died in an automobile accident weeks before they were married. As Angie’s handlers become suspicious of his activities and the matter of her identity snowballs out of control, Stefan must quickly plot an exit strategy to protect himself and his daughter from harm.


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